We created Give it Month to help people learn new skills in a fraction of the usual time. It’s easy to waste months trying to get to grips with something but not actually learning much. Part of the reason that people never manage to get through their ‘too learn list’ is because they don’t know how to get started.

The aim of this site is to deconstruct a new topic, skill or discipline every month to try and get as good as possible in just four weeks. When the month is up you’ll have learnt something entirely new that you can either spend more time developing or just keep handy for when you need to use it.

For every skill we reach out to world-class experts and performers and get their advise on what to learn and the best ways to do it. You can either follow along with the specific learning challenge we’re covering for the month or apply the processes, hints and techniques that we use to help you better learn what you’ve always wanted to get good at.

Where should I start?

After over four months of experimentation our first month is now here exploring how to become insanely productive. You can also suggest what you’d like to learn next


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